What is the best termal insulation for high temperature?

Fiberglass pipe insulation with or without ASJ

  • Maximum operating temperature 1,000°F (with heat-up schedule).
  • Most sizes 3” and smaller fit over copper press fittings without filleting.
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses from 1/2" to 5” to cover pipes 1/2" to 33” diameter.

No Wrap

  • No jacket and is intended for field installation with jacketing appropriate to the vapor control, damage, or corrosion resistance requirements of the application


  • Durable, cleanable, all-service-jacket with polymer film exterior surface doesn’t support mold or mildew growth.
  • Resists/sheds water when exposed to intermittent, short-duration precipitation during construction
  • Higher puncture resistance and less wicking/curling than standard ASJ.
  • Accepts paint and mastic as well as standard ASJ.
  • The SSL II® positive closure system was designed with advanced adhesives to work specifically with the ASJ Max jacket to provide a tight, reliable seal that doesn’t need glue or staples.
  • Available in select metric sizes for use with Aquatherm® piping systems

What is the best termal insulation for industrial ovens?

Depends on temperatura operation, if this is below 650°C, we recomend rockwool, but if it is over 800°C its better to insulate with ceramic fiber blankets.

What is the best acoustic treatment for restaurants/bar/office?

The problems in this placces is the reverberation time, that´s why we have crated the reverberation pannels , who are made of different products in order to maximize acoustic behaviuor.